Add View Menu

The Add View menu is where you will access the ability to create much of the content used to analyze your project. The Main view that opens with Licaso is a "Rendering" view. You can add as many different views as you like to your project by selecting the view type from the menu.


A Rendering view contains the geometry from the AGi32 or Revit model. This can be useful for presentation from some viewpoints, and not so valuable from others depending on the composition of the model. The appearance of the geometry can also be changed from the View-Display Settings (lower right of the display).

Rendered view with a Spatial Map and Calculation Points overlay. The spatial map and calculation points can be relative to any daylight metric selected from the View Display Settings panel.


Spatial Map

A Spatial Map view displays the colored spatial representation of the area without the geometry present.

Spatial map with calculation points included. The colored scale can be disabled (the spatial map) and only the calculation points shown, or the opposite effect achieved from the check boxes in the View Display Settings panel. Similar to the rendered view overlay, any daylight metric can be selected.

Temporal Map Chart

A Temporal Map view displays illuminance (Maximum, Average or Minimum) for the selected calculation grids.

Maximum Hourly Illuminance (per month) Temporal Map Chart view.

Temporal Map Table

The Temporal Map Table view tabulates the same data used for the Chart for easier interpretation.

Maximum Hourly Illuminance (per month) Temporal Map Table view.

Calculation Summary

The Calculation Summary view is a tabular report for the daylight metric selected under the View Display Settings panel (shown below).

Select the daylight metric to summarize from the View Display Settings panel.