Calculation Viewer - Calc Points Menu

The Calculation Points menu controls the various options available for the display of calculation points within the rendered image. The button acts as a toggle for point visibility.

Option Illustrated Explained
Show Meter Indicators

Meter indicators shown in orange


The meter indicators show the direction the photocell is pointing at each calculation point. In the case of horizontal illuminance, the meter indicator points up. In the case of vertical illuminance on a wall, the meter indicator will point into the Room/Space if the calculation points (Planar Face) family has been properly placed.
Show Mark Points

Point markers shown

The calculation point marker is enabled by default. The small plus sign (+) marks the exact location of the calculation point.
Precision Mode

Fixed Decimals setting with

Display Precision of 2

The Precision Mode controls the decimal precision of the illuminance values displayed. The default response is Automatic. If you change the mode, you may find it necessary to reduce the text size to avoid text overlap. This is done in the "Text Size Factor" setting.


  • Automatic – Displays an appropriate level of precision for a wide range of values.
  • Fixed Decimals – Displays a certain number of decimal places regardless of how big or small the number is. The number of decimal places is controlled by the "Display Precision" and can be 0 to 4.
  • Natural decimals - Drops any trailing zeros after the decimal point and also drops the decimal point where appropriate (e.g. 12 instead of 12.0 and 1.2 instead of 1.20).
  • Significant Figures - Displays values according to the rules of significant figures.


For complete details see the Precision Mode table of values


Display Precision

Increasing or decreasing the display precision affects all precision modes. Range is 0 to 4.


A more distinctive font can be nice


The default font for display of calculation points in the ElumTools viewer is Courier New. You can change the font as desired, drawing from any of the font families available on your system. This setting will apply to all open views.
Font Color

Make your points really stand out!


The font color is black by default. You may find it useful to make it brighter for presentation purposes.
Text Size Factor


The calculation point text is optimized based on the spacing between points and for the "Automatic" Precision Mode. If you change precision mode, you may find it necessary to adjust the font size. Reducing the Size Factor (<1) will make it smaller, increasing the Size Factor (>1) will make the values larger.