Licaso Features

This Features section describes the operational characteristics of the Licaso interface which is divided into sections as shown in the Licaso Interface Map. Licaso is disruptive technology providing versatility and speed never before available to the daylighting professional.

  • Blazing speed - Annual daylight simulations that once took days can be done in hours or even minutes using Licaso's patented dynamic daylight technology.
  • Flexibility - Licaso allows each Room/Space to be analyzed using its own unique set of daylight metric thresholds AND occupancy models in a single program execution. Metrics can be changed at will without recalculating the simulation.
  • Animations - Walk through the calendar as you see your model perform in the Licaso interactive visualization.
  • Great graphics - Licaso allows results to be superimposed on renderings, or in stand alone spatial maps , temporal maps, charts and tabular summaries.
  • Elaborate reporting - The Licaso report builder allows all of your content to be assembled in a single report including your own custom introduction and conclusion content that can come from other software. Built in PDF generation.
  • One software, multiple avenues - Licaso is an add-on for Lighting Analysts AGi32 and ElumTools (Revit add-in) products. One license allows you to utilize Licaso from both sources.