Report Menu

Licaso has the ability to provide detailed reports for your daylight simulations with extensive customization possible. This includes custom introduction, conclusion, fonts, page colors and more. This is controlled from the Settings command. The Page Preview command opens the report and provides various options for output customization.

Print Preview

Licaso automatically creates a report for your simulation on the fly as you create views. All views created from the Add View menu are included in the report by default. You can deselect any view by first selecting that view from the view tabs and then selecting the View Settings panel where you can uncheck the box.

You can rename your views and enter a brief description in this areas well.

You can look at the composition of your report anytime using the Print Preview command from the Report menu. The opening page by default contains the site and weather station information. The preview interface provides various navigation options for viewing the report composition. Print or export to PDF, or email a PDF directly from the toolbar.


From the Report Settings dialog you can assign a title to your report, access page setup and select a printer. The additional commands provide the ability to create a detailed introduction, conclusion and customize your font selections.

Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction and conclusion selections provide a detailed Rich Text form that you can use to add extensive documentation and graphics to your reports. You can copy and paste to this form, or open RTF format documents for integration. Extensive formatting control is available right within the form to make your reports look professionally designed.