View Settings

The View Settings panel can be found in the upper left corner of the Licaso interface. It shares space with the View Display Settings panel and visibility is toggled between the two by clicking on the small tabs at the bottom as shown.


View Settings provides the ability to name your views something other than the defaults. The names are used on the view tabs across the top of the Licaso screen and in the report.


All views are assigned an Index number. This number controls the order they appear in the report. The index is also shown in the view tab title and when opening a Licaso file, the index will control the order they appear in the view tabs..


You can include descriptive information for each view by entering it here. This information will be printed when the view is included in a report.

Include in Report

This box is checked by default so that all views will be included in your report. If you wish to remove a view from the report, deselect this box.