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Download and Register

Licaso is currently in the free public Beta period. Before you can experiment with Licaso you must sign up to participate in the public beta (Step 1 below).


  1. Sign up to use the Licaso Beta (if you have not already done so)
  2. Download Licaso (You must use the same email address)
  3. Install Licaso
  4. Start Licaso from the desktop icon
  5. Register (key)


1. Sign up to use the Licaso Beta.



2. Download Licaso. You must use the same email address used to register in step 1 and you must check the box to agree to our terms.


Once you click Submit you will be able to download the software.



3. Install Licaso

Start the installer you have just downloaded. If you see the message "Windows protected your PC", click More information and "Run Anyway". Step through the installer prompts.

4. Start Licaso from the desktop icon.


5. Register (key)

Your license key will be sent to the email address you have used for the beta process. Open Licaso (if not already open) and paste the license key in the space provided. Click the Activate button.

You are ready to use Licaso. Please advance to the Getting Started section. The status of your license will be displayed when you start Licaso from the desktop, or by selecting the Help - License Manager command.