Welcome to Licaso®

Annual daylight simulation software for AGi32 and ElumTools.


Given an AGi32 or ElumTools/Revit environment, Licaso can compute workplane illuminance for every daylit hour of every day for an entire year. From these calculations a wide variety of annual daylight metrics can be accumulated. These include: various flavors of Daylight Autonomy (Minimum, Maximum, Basic, Continuous, Spatial), Useful Daylight Illuminance, Annual Sunlight Exposure, Annual Daylight Exposure, and Average, Maximum and Minimum illuminance. Presentation options include graphical Spatial Maps (2D or superimposed on a rendered view), Temporal Maps, Temporal Map Charts and rendered views of specific times and dates. Any/all of these can be included with statistical summaries in a flexible and user formatted report.

See Licaso work with an AGi32 model

See Licaso work with an ElumTools/Revit model


To begin investigating how Licaso works, please see our Getting Started and Basic Steps topics.

If you are interested in a comparison between Licaso and Daysim/Radiance please see our blog posting.